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Ela Kuruyemiş founded in 1990 in Bursa Yenişehir, one of the most fertile agricultural plains in Turkey has succeed to be one of the most prominent companies on sunflower seeds with a quarter century of experience. Our company has gained a respected place in the industry with product quality, the value given to consumers, pre-sales services and post-sales services. In addition to providing services to all regions of Turkey, we also provide products to many points abroad. We export to overseas, mainly Middle East and European countries, Russia, Ukraine and North African countries. Our priority is quality and customer satisfaction. We aim to keep the highest level of customer satisfaction by subjecting products that we supplied to the most suitable processes. We guarantee the most competitive prices by handling our own products in our own facilities equipped with the latest technology. We develop our company by following the sectoral and technological developments. We introduce our company to the world by participating in national and international fairs. Our goal is to increase both our quality and our production capacity and to appeal to more countries.

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Ela Kuruyemiş Ltd. Şti.

İnegöl Caddesi No.116 Yenişehir Bursa 16900

T: +90 (224) 772 28 58
F: +90 (0224) 773 12 23
E: info@elakuruyemis.com.tr

Ela Kuruyemiş Ltd. Şti.